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 Considerations Prior To Buying A Rabbit

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PostSubject: Considerations Prior To Buying A Rabbit   Considerations Prior To Buying A Rabbit EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 12:44 am

Considerations Prior To Buying A Rabbit

[rabbits] Taking on any pet requires a commitment to provide proper care for it during its life and in the case of rabbits this can be for 5-10 years or longer. A rabbit will need attention, routine veterinary treatment, and daily care and feeding. In addition a rabbit may require veterinary treatment if the rabbit becomes ill which can be costly. Some insurance companies do offer veterinary insurance cover for pet rabbits.

A child cannot be expected to provide all the care and finances required to keep a pet rabbit, particularly if the rabbit requires veterinary treatment, so it is important if buying a rabbit for a child that an adult member of the family is prepared to share the commitment of owning a rabbit.
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PostSubject: Re: Considerations Prior To Buying A Rabbit   Considerations Prior To Buying A Rabbit EmptySat Mar 19, 2011 8:09 am

We have a lop-ear and the unexpected surprise was the kids were freaked out by the animals' overall size and powerful, claw equipped hind legs and that it bites!

We started off with two; one gentle and soft and the other one placid and cuddly - you can guess which one took an overnight turn for the worst... the gentle one.

It's taken time to know the animals' character; totally unlike a dog or cat. It's territorial - quite willingly chases other animals, including a cat. It's timid - runs away when approached, yet it's affectionate - take a firm hold and it melts like butter into your arms.

We've never had a rabbit before, and we did consider offering it up when the soft one died; yet with patience and GRADUAL understanding on both sides, we've come to get along. It likes to potter about my feet when I'm in the garden - so interested it is in dirt!

It likes it's own space and own mind; respect is A1 important above all.
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Considerations Prior To Buying A Rabbit
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