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 Eyes whot to check

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Eyes whot to check Empty
PostSubject: Eyes whot to check   Eyes whot to check EmptyThu Mar 03, 2011 12:02 am

Check your guinea pigs eyes, they should be open, bright, clear with no discharge. However, if you see a milky type liquid, that is normal. Its produced during the grooming process and is usually wiped away with their front feet. When an injury to the eye has happened, it may go opaque, which is a protective covering. Its blue/grey in colour and appears quite quickly. It normally disappears, once the eye starts healing. They may have something in the eye like a tiny blade of hay, a hay seed or they may have poked themselve in the eye with a strand of hay. If you see that the eye has gone opaque or looks red/swollen or crusty, please take your guinea pig straight to your vets before the condition gets any worse. Your guinea pig could really be suffering due to something being stuck in the eye. We know what its like getting a tiny piece of grit in our eye, it can be very irritating and painful. Don't try to remove anything from your guinea pigs eye yourself, you may cause more damage, seek vetrinary attention promptly. Watery or crusty eyes could mean an upper respiratory infection which also needs vetrinary treatment. Some guinea pigs develop cataracts, it could be a sign of diabetes or old age
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Eyes whot to check
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